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OUR SERVICES :- 1) Trichologist Doctors :- It is important for a trichologist to physically examine your hair and ask your lifestyle questions to establish scalp conditions, in order to evaluate and apply the correct cause of treatment. 2) About Hair Transplant :- A general surgeon is a physician who has been educated and trained in the diagnosis and preoprative , oprative and management of patient care. 3) Hair Loss Treatment :- we perform hair transplant , non surgical hair restoration, laser hair reduction, Anagrow, Anacover, Anagain And Ana-D-Tox Treatment using the latest techniques. We are committed to delivering great outcome to our patients. 4) FUE Hair Transplant :- The Extraction and Implantation of individual hairs during hairs transplantation is called Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) Method. Follicular units refers to naturally growing hairs, hair groups, Follicular groups, therefore, not only to isolated hairs. 5) Scarless Hair Transplant :- Using this innovative approach, the benefits of current surgical practices may be enhanced and the appearance of scarring may be eliminated. In addition, post oprative recovery may be improved


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List of Doctors

S.No Doctor Name Speciality
1 Dr. Akshay Parjane General Surgeon
2 Dr. Leena Patil
3 Dr. Sagar Cheulwar General Physician

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