About us

About DoctorForMe

“DoctorForMe” is a leading healthcare portal. It is a subsidiary of the parent company “Ad 99 India” established in 2014. We pride ourselves in saying that we are a meeting point for doctors and patients. We initiate leads for doctors and provide expert medical services to patients by acting as a meeting point (solely) for them. We help doctors in expanding the reach of their professional expertise and also to patients by getting easy information and great services. We cut down on the research you do in finding an expert doctor. Instead, we do it on your behalf and give you accurate results. We have more than 1000 doctors listed on our website with details of the clinic location, qualification etc. verified beforehand. Patients can filter the information as per their need. We provide genuine patient details to the doctor by matching the patient needs to the doctor’s expertise in a particular location. Since its inception in early 2017 “DoctorForMe” has gained tremendous fame in the industry as a genuine patient lead provider. We also help doctors in their brand awareness activities to fulfill their goals. Our portal has a list of esteemed medical experts who receive communication from us whenever an apt patient puts an inquiry. “DoctorForMe” gives a platform to them to answer patient’s inquiry before the patient actually finalizes the doctor. The entire lab charges, cost of medical services, medicines, treatments, surgeries are finalized through communication that happens directly between the patient and the doctor. Hence “DoctorForMe” does not play any role in it. Our purpose is to build trust in society and let them solve their medical problems easily online through our portal. In our platform, our purpose is to build trust in society and let them solve their medical problems easily online.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help patients in finding best medical services while comparing best treatments online and get all information about healthcare providers, doctor’s clinic and treatment cost nearby.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a network in the society where every patient can easily connect with healthcare provider and clear all their doubts before they go ahead with the treatment.


Our Core Values

We believe in transparency by combining clinical excellence and technology.