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Dr. Harish Prasad BR completed his Bachelor of Medicine in Dermatology and moved to a further fellowship in skin surgery (FRGUHS) from one of the leading high-level institutes, Bangalore Medical College. He has presented papers at national and international conferences and has publications in national and international journals. Areas of interest include general skin diseases, cosmetic skin diseases, skin surgery, and leprosy. He is experienced in hair transplantation and vitiligo surgery with most modern techniques. Why should you always Choose VITALS Klinic ? If you are seeking for a skin cure, we at VITALS completely understand that you like best in class treatments and wisely conclude klinic to choose. We believe VITALS klinic ensures to provide you with a world class treatment for all the skin problems and one stop shop for enhanced skin treatment, providing you complete assurance of medical care There are a number of key reasons why we are trusted and recommended: 1. We ensure your safety is in our hands Our klinic is attributed in non-surgical and surgical practices, has a treasure of practice, and is profound to ensure your welfare is a significant. You are definite to only have dealings with our professional Dermatologist. 2. Tailored Personalized Service We have devoted Doctors, who provide well versed personalized services and a complete plan of the treatments to be given and a follow up .Information, ability and delivery are vital components of this, but empathetic patients apprehensions and exceeding beliefs are also important to us. Patients will be given a assurance of expert advice from Niche 3. Quality VITALS panel consists of Niche of expert dermatologist, who are highly qualified with the best skill set. The latest equipment’s in the field of the dermatology are provided. We ensure quality by using sterile equipment with the core concern and focus on the patients’ health and hygiene.




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