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Dr. Sumit Sharma is Best experience doctor in Dermawave, India’s first ever clinic with the pioneering concept of a single clinic equipped for both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. The philosophy at Dermawave is governed by the value of providing clients with everything they need, under one roof and placing their requirements above all. Our treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, work to reveal the real You, with absolutely no effort on your part. We serve our patients with a comfortable and patient friendly atmosphere. We provide a number of treatments which are safe enough. For reasons, physiological and genetic, not every indivisual is the same so, our team of well experienced surgeons takes care of your requirements and understands the need of every single indivisual and tend to serve them with the best.


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List of Doctors

S.No Doctor Name Speciality
1 Mona sharma
2 Dhiraj Kumar
3 Tapeshwar sehgal
4 sachin Aggrwal
5 Amlan Shome
6 Vanya Dermatopathologist
7 Bhagwan Rolaniya Dermatopathologist
8 Shiwish Anand Dermatopathologist

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