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With over 27 years of experience, Dr. Pradip Atodaria has reached exemplary heights in terms of skill, expertise and honour in the highly technical field of hair transplant, cosmetic surgery and Plastic surgery. Among his peers, he is regarded as one of the stalwarts of this field in the entire South Gujarat Region. His primary motivation has always been service before self, and the interests of his patients always precede his self interest. He has received his education from the highly accredited and reputed Gujarat University. His extensive qualifications include M.B.,B.S , M.S. (General Surgery) and M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery). He was selected by the AAPI ( American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) for further training for which he travelled to the United States. He started practising Hair Transplantation in 2008 while the method was relatively new and he was among a handful of other qualified surgeons who offered this particular service. Given his increasingly curious nature and an innovative mindset, he has been able to devise an array of new inventions of which he completely owns the exclusive rights to. Some of his major inventions: The Multi Slit Knife (MSK) for coronal slits & sagittal slits: Drastically reduces the time taken in slit forming (3000 in 10 minutes) and increases the density of the slits resulting in more natural looking and dense hair growth patterns post surgery[Under Patent]. A Novel “Single step Implanter”: This can implant the hair follicle (Under Patent). Scalp Tensioner to Facilitate FUE Harvesting in Hair Transplant(Under Patent). UNLIKE OTHER HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTERS OF SURAT, DR. PRADIP ATODARIA WILL DO YOUR HAIR TRANSPLANT HIMSELF. Our center is located in Ghod Dod area, a very good locality of Surat. The clinic has ample parking space for four wheel & two wheel vehicles. During the Covid 19 pandemic situation, you are requested to park your vehicle & be seated in your vehicle. Give a call on 9824212710 for your entry. You will receive a call when your turn come. This is to protect you & your relatives from Covid 19. Please remove your shoes before entering the premise. Put your mask properly & sanitize your hands properly. Avoid accompanying person. We solicit your co-operation to protect all of us.


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List of Doctors

S.No Doctor Name Speciality
1 Kuldeepsinh Atodaria Trichologist
2 Hemakshiben Desai Cosmetologist

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